One last Hooray!

Well I have not posted in a while and I just wanted to reflect on everything this semester. Think of it as one final farewell. Mobile Media in Society has been a class that I feel has taught me a lot, and I’m serious when I say that. I am not trying to gain any extra points, although that would be nice, I am merely just wanted to reflect on my thoughts.

I think what I really enjoyed the most, aside from the super cool mobile application creation project, was learning about the different sides of mobile media as if it was a person. Bare with me as I process this all. It may sound weird to compare mobile media to a person but it’s true. If you think of a person, they have many sides to their personality. A person can be, tender, aggressive, inviting, fun, organized and assertive and all those qualities make up that person. So just like a person mobile media has many sides as well. Mobile media deals with accessibility, identity, security, health, music, and design and all these topics bleed into mobile media.

I loved learning about how identity fits into mobile media. For me personally the topic of identity is something that I can talk about, learn, and research for hours. So when I had the privilege to lead discussion for class about mobile identity I was super stoked. Being able to learn new information about how a person’s gender identity affects how a they buy a phone or present themselves online was interesting to learn. It was also really neat to learn about religious identity and mobile media.

I really liked the aspect of discussion leaders, but I think that is because I love to lead discussions about topics that I feel need to be hear, like mobile identity. Since, I have lead discussions in the past for small groups being able to use those skills in a classroom as well as be a participant in the discussion was a cool way to learn.

Well folks I guess that’s it. It was nice learning and getting to know you all this semester. Where ever life takes you, whether it is graduation, school, or “real-life” jobs I wish you all the best! Until next time, Amberlynne


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