My life matters

The Black Lives Matter movement is response to the injustice toward the black demographic from police.  Not only does our own implicit bias’ cloud our judgement but now with the tiny computers in our pockets, police need to be aware more than ever.

Yes black lives, all lives – my life matters, but in Stephanie Mlot’s article NJ ACLU App Lets You Tape Police Encountes she writes so clearly that the hope is that with Stop and Frisk Watch, and other apps like it, that police don’t get victimized.

The goal is to hold police accountable for all lives including black lives, your life, and my life. However, if there is multitude of negative police work being released in the media how are police supposed to do their job without fear of getting in trouble. These apps and tiny computers at our disposals should be used to keep police accountable, that means releasing both the GOOD and the BAD that cops do.


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