One last Hooray!

Well I have not posted in a while and I just wanted to reflect on everything this semester. Think of it as one final farewell. Mobile Media in Society has been a class that I feel has taught me a lot, and I’m serious when I say that. I am not trying to gain any extra points, although that would be nice, I am merely just wanted to reflect on my thoughts.

I think what I really enjoyed the most, aside from the super cool mobile application creation project, was learning about the different sides of mobile media as if it was a person. Bare with me as I process this all. It may sound weird to compare mobile media to a person but it’s true. If you think of a person, they have many sides to their personality. A person can be, tender, aggressive, inviting, fun, organized and assertive and all those qualities make up that person. So just like a person mobile media has many sides as well. Mobile media deals with accessibility, identity, security, health, music, and design and all these topics bleed into mobile media.

I loved learning about how identity fits into mobile media. For me personally the topic of identity is something that I can talk about, learn, and research for hours. So when I had the privilege to lead discussion for class about mobile identity I was super stoked. Being able to learn new information about how a person’s gender identity affects how a they buy a phone or present themselves online was interesting to learn. It was also really neat to learn about religious identity and mobile media.

I really liked the aspect of discussion leaders, but I think that is because I love to lead discussions about topics that I feel need to be hear, like mobile identity. Since, I have lead discussions in the past for small groups being able to use those skills in a classroom as well as be a participant in the discussion was a cool way to learn.

Well folks I guess that’s it. It was nice learning and getting to know you all this semester. Where ever life takes you, whether it is graduation, school, or “real-life” jobs I wish you all the best! Until next time, Amberlynne




What constitute a game? Playing eye-spy in the car, hop-scotch in the street, Tamagotchi on a key chain, Clue, or Tetris these are all games on all kind of platforms. So who’s to say that games on one platform is better than the other. Like I said in a pervious blog post titled “I’m a gamer too” I’m going to talk about why people game and how it’s evolving.

Well games on consoles have always been a thing, but virtual reality it becoming a hot topic this year. With the release of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony Playstation VR, Samsung Geer VR, and Razor OSVR not only is gaming going to change but so is how people see the world.

Here’s a video about the 10 things you need to know about Oculus Rift.

The main thing you need to know is that you an be there. Meaning that things that you might not be able to do in real life you can in VR. You can jump over hurdles and run from monsters, which for some is a big deal.

Imagine now teaching children and adults how their surgery is going to be preformed. This video shows how much going through the motions could help relieve fear. Now imagine this was VR, because even though these surgeries are fairly routine things can still happen further the kids fear. However, if this was in VR everything would go smoothly and the kids would feel safe and less nervous going into their surgeries.

My life matters

The Black Lives Matter movement is response to the injustice toward the black demographic from police.  Not only does our own implicit bias’ cloud our judgement but now with the tiny computers in our pockets, police need to be aware more than ever.

Yes black lives, all lives – my life matters, but in Stephanie Mlot’s article NJ ACLU App Lets You Tape Police Encountes she writes so clearly that the hope is that with Stop and Frisk Watch, and other apps like it, that police don’t get victimized.

The goal is to hold police accountable for all lives including black lives, your life, and my life. However, if there is multitude of negative police work being released in the media how are police supposed to do their job without fear of getting in trouble. These apps and tiny computers at our disposals should be used to keep police accountable, that means releasing both the GOOD and the BAD that cops do.