Social interaction with your tethered self

I believe we all want to interact with those around us. We all want to be a part of each others lives, but do we actual do that well?

There have been many videos that have surfaced on Facebook or Youtube about being tied to our phones.


There have even been amazing photo collages that depict when and how much we look at our phones. Eric Pickersgill showcased this idea with his collection called Removed.

Most of the time when we are on our phones we are communicating with our friends or families. However, what happens when we create a whole new life? Second Life is an online game that offers users the possibility of an online parallel life (including a virtual body, wardrobe, real estate, and paying job).

People can be who they want to be, always dreamed of being, or their self. This online social interaction can be a nice break from the mundane worries of the real world. In the chapter Always-On/Always-On-You:The Tethered Self, Maura a a thirty-seven-year-old housewife from the Boston suburbs, finds Second Life as pleasurable escape from the routine of her life at home with two toddlers.

‘‘I know it gives me something of a reputation, but there are always new people. I don’t stay in relationships long.’’ Maura continues: ‘‘There is always someone else to talk to, someone else to meet. I don’t feel a commitment.’’ People who have deployed avatars on Second Life stress that the virtual world gives them a feeling of everyday renewal. ‘‘I never know who I’ll meet,’’ Maura says.


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