Who are you?

Going through life and school the issue of identity comes up more often than not. Throughout my field research I found some crazy similarities among the people I interviewed. All my interviewees asked to stay anonymous, so in order to protect the identities of my participants I’ve blurred out their faces and will reference them as person 1, person 2, and person 3.

When I sat down with theses people I asked them to take out five items that they carry with them daily that really reflect who they are are their core. Now some of these items might seems ordinary but they hold some true meaning for these participants. The photos are as followed:

In my paper and presentation, I will diver deeper into the meaning of their things and why they chose to stay anonymous, but for now a quick recap of my interviews.

Person 1 and person 3 for the most part are concerned about what others think of them. Person 2 chose items that really spoke to their sense of security and simplicity. When asked about their mobile life all participants said that an easy to use, low maintenance app would be great. All the participants agreed that they enjoy the community and sharing social media allows, but get concerned about the superficial or judging aspect of certain apps.

They all expressed, especially person 3, that being ok and accepting their identity is crucial; living in that identity however can be a challenge.


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