Unexpected Ideas

In our reading materials this week we talked extensively about building and creating mobile apps. In the chapter titled “Discovering what to build” emphasis on initial research for creating a mobile app was explained. Just like the TedTalk video where both research and interview people about their belongings, the book goes in-depth with the actual research process.

Once sitting down with an interviewee, asking probing and broad questions will help to uncover unexpected findings that can lead to novel design ideas for an application.  An example of an app that might have come from unexpected findings is an app like student agenda. Even though that idea seems useful and obvious, this agenda app doesn’t have to be used for just students.

Student Agenda

Yes, this app is geared toward students planning out their classes, exams, homework, etc. However, working professional can use this app to schedule their “homework” if they had to take work home after the initial workday. Professionals can also use it to add to-do-lists, upcoming events in a calendar, and reminders of important things.

My guess is that researchers sat down with a focus group of students to see what would make their day to day life easier, through questions this idea came about. Then maybe when they were creating the app working professionals found this tool helpful as well. I’m just dialoging and can’t speak for the research team behind Student Agenda.

I can give insight to my application that I am working on. After reading the chapter and watching the TedTalk about mobile anthropology, I came across an idea that I wouldn’t have thought of through talking with these students.


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