I’m a gamer too.

The term gaming or gamer has many meanings to different people. For some it they define it as computer PC games like World of Warcraft or even Minecraft. I have even come across gamers that define gaming as playing on a console like the Xbox, GameCube, etc. However, many people forget about the social games on our mobile phones, games like Heads Up!, Candy Crush, Temple Run, Clash of Clans, etc.

I, like others really enjoy those social games. My personal favorite is Heads Up! It’s just so engaging. Getting together with a bunch of friends or family and essentially playing charades, Pictionary, and karaoke all in one app is a huge time saver. Imagine the creativity and innovation that had to go in to a game like that, all the different categories and images people cam up with. You create sort of a community around the app. It may not be as big of a community as say Clash of Clans, where you build a village, train your troop and battle others, but still a community.

clash-of-clansPeople worldwide can communicate with each other through these virtual realities like in the Clash of Clans app. The games we play on our mobile devices can bring us together through face-to-face interactions like Heads Up! or allow for an online interaction like the Clash of Clans.


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