I never realized how difficult it might be to communicate with those around you without a voice, sight, or ears. Aside from just the social aspect of mobile apps, apps like Skype, Facetime, Sign Smith ASL Essential, and more really aid in our everyday communication.

For those who can’t hear, what is the point of a mobile phone when calling is pointless. Of course there are messaging apps one can use, but you can’t read excitement, sarcasm, sadness or lies. With the addition of emoji’s, it has made it a little easier to bridge that gap but it’s still not the same or as effective. However, being able to see the person I communicate with face-to-face as if I right there is a game changer. I can see their excitement, how crisp or sloppy their signing might be and even read their facial expressions.

I know, like me, not many people thought about the importance of accessibility on their mobile devices. I may not be hearing impaired or visually impaired but using the accessibility features on my mobile device, whether through an app or on my phone is awesome.

On my mobile phone I use TalkBack when reading. I can hear my technology read back to me pronouncing words I wouldn’t know how to read. Even though I am not the target audience of the accessibility features on phones I find them extremely useful, like when I need to increase font size on my screen so that it is read easier.

And even though I don’t have a Windows phone this Youtube video shows all the accessibility features that are available.


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