Phone is Life

I can’t believe how important my mobile phone is to my everyday life! From scheduling all my activities, reading my textbooks to even coordinating with group members on projects, my mobile device has become almost as important as my left hand (I’m left-handed).

I know that probably sounds weird, but think about it. How many of us choose audio books over physical books? I know I choose audio books. I find them incredible helpful to my learning and retention, especially if I am lucky enough to have money to buy a physical copy as well. Audiobooks are so much more accessible and mobile. The average textbook weighs up to 5 lbs. but with an app like Audible a book weighs as much as your phone, laptop or tablet.

Following along with someone who is reading the text to you is like time traveling back to a time when your parents read to you as a child. Now, granted I can’t recall ever being read to as a child so maybe that’s why I would much rather prefer audiobooks over e-books or a physical copy for my learning.

Just a few months ago Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 app, which helped users with low storage on their mobile devices to stream their library of books. Normally with Audible, a user will purchase a book, download it to their mobile device and then proceed to listening. However, for those people with little or limited phone storage it made accessing and acquiring books more difficult. That’s when the update came into play. It was now possible to stream a book allowing for more content without the hassle. Improvements also included the addition of the book’s cover art as the background.


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