The first touchscreen smart phone

simon-smartphoneIt’s hard to believe that only four months after I was born the first touchscreen smartphone was available for purchase by consumers.  In August of 1994 IBM and BellSouth released to the public Simon. Simon, which is notably credited with being the first smartphone, came programed with many apps (then called features). Email, fax, sketch pad, calendar, time and of course making a phone call.

The phone was clunky, expensive and lacked in battery life, but rose in its potential. Even though the potential was limitless the hype dyed fast. This incredible new idea spent six months on the selves selling about 50,000 phones. It may seem like a lot but with the rate of iPhones today selling at about 34,000 an hour each day of their first quarter in 2014, I think it’s safe to day that 50,000 phones in six months is chump change.

From clunky phones with only an hour of battery life to phones that now are literally mini computers lasting at least 12 hours I think it is safe to say that our mobile history is growing incredibly fast. Now on our mobile devices we can do banking, send emails, play games, maintain our health, promote social change and more. It’s only a matter of time before the very technologies we carry with us in our pockets all the time will be apart of our body.


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